Vision Tank – Disposable


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Produces lots of vapor and has great flavor,

It has a clear tank (please select your tank color below) so that you can see how much juice is left, and is pretty durable.

The drip tip screws on and off so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Tank holds about 1.6ml of liquid.

Resistance on this product is tricky because it does not vape like it reads. It is made for eGo batteries and should be vaped at low voltage on Variable Voltage mod or it will taste burnt.

You MUST read instructions before using this product or you will ruin it and will need to buy a new one!!!

Unscrew the black drip tip from the silver ring at the top. Be careful not to lose the silicone ring around the driptip (this prevents leakage). Hold the opened tank on a 45 degree angle and pour the liquid down the inside of the tank (it should run along the side… NOT go in the airhole in the center of the tank!!!). You should fill the tank enough to cover the white rope wick that you see sticking out from under the silicone stopper inside. Once the tank is full screw the black driptip back on all the way. Now turn the sealed tank upside down with the mouthpiece pointed at the ground. Do NOT use for at least 5 minutes. It takes time for the liquid to soak into the rope wick and get to the heating coil (this is not visible) inside the metal center tube.

After waiting you can screw it GENTLY onto your eGo battery. Once it makes contact STOP turning it. Do NOT overtighten. Then you may take a SHORT puff. If it tastes at ALL burnt stop using it immediately and leave it upside down for 2 more minutes. Then try again. Once a short puff tastes good try longer slow puffs and see how they taste. When taking long puffs with a vision tank you must hold this parallel to the ground so that the liquid is touching the rope wick while you puff or it will burn! If you hold the battery up and the mouthpiece down while puffing it can suck liquid into your mouth. Try to hold parallel to the ground when puffing.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 cm

Red/Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Smoked, Clear


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