0.5mm Kanthal Ribbon Wire


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Kanthal Ribbon wire for rebuildable atomizers.

Rebuildable Atomizer Warning!!!

These types of atomizers carry risk of explosion, battery venting and death so a risk agreement must be signed in store before purchase. As always, please bring State ID and as per NYC law, please be over 21 years old.

-Building coils under 1.5 ohms is considered very high risk for explosion and rebuildable atomizers should NOT be used on mechanical mods (advanced level e-cigarettes) without the use of a VapeSafe Fuse.

-Purchasing and using rebuildable atomizers (even with prebuilt coils), without taking an approved safety class on how to use, one is high risk.

-Using Mechanical Mods (advanced electronic cigarettes) and rebuildable atomizers without a VapeSafe Fuse in them presents a high risk of explosion.

-Letting batteries discharge to very low voltages presents a risk of fire and/or explosion if batteries do not charge properly after using them with subohm coils.

-Using unapproved or incorrect chargers not sold by VapeNY can cause damage to batteries sold by VapeNY.

-Stacking 2 free standing batteries in the same Mod (advanced level electronic cigarette) presents a high risk of explosion.

-Storing batteries in pockets with loose change or keys when not in a battery case presents a high risk of explosion.

-Using Mod batteries (freestanding batteries) that are damaged, dented or have skin missing presents a high risk of explosion.

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Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 cm


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