Not Blowing Smoke: First Exclusively E-Cig Store Lands in Lower East Side

 Not Blowing Smoke: First Exclusively E Cig Store Lands in Lower East Side

Electronic cigarettes, the latest trend in the billion dollar tobacco industry, have finally found a home in Manhattan.

And while they have been available at convenience stores and smoke shops for the better part of four years, VapeNY is bringing the first exclusively e-cigarette store to the Lower East Side at 40 Rivington Street.

These e-cigarettes vaporize the tobacco into a water vapor, eliminating the tobacco smoke and smell that lingers on the New York streets. And although still illegal to smoke inside, it’s not an uncommon sight to see someone “light up” indoors.

Some may say a store dedicated only to e-cigs is little silly, but their first location Queens has outstanding reviews on Yelp. Vape employees ”give two shits”  about their customers and craft, according to Stanley J. (We’re not quite sure if that’s good or bad.)

Along with that sort of customer service, Vape also provides top of the line products, some of which going for more than $40. And we’re sure that VapeNY will adjust their prices for pricey Manhattan rent, as it says on their website “prices vary slightly by location.”

VapeNY is bringing a new wave of e-cigs to Manhattan’s elite, but you still won’t be allowed to puff your new purchase on your way to the Hamptons.

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